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Tasteless meat

Hi ... something that's got me perplexed for years is the result of slow cooking the cheaper cuts of meat in particular beef whether conventionally on the hob as a stew or in a slow cooker. Shin and cheek taste good if they're not over or under cooked but something like topside or 'stewing beef' seems to lose all flavour into the stewing juice and ends up tasting like (and having a similar texture to) cardboard ... excellent tasty gravy but 'dull' tasting meat ... anyone any ideas please ?

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Re: Tasteless meat

welcome to he forum rogertb smile

Topside of beef is a joint that is better roasted than slow cooked .
For slow cooking I often use beef flank as my family tell me that it has a good flavour , cooked for a long time it can also be forked apart and  will break down into thicker strands so its also good for filling things like tacos , or wraps
I also slow cook shin of beef , braising steaks .

If the gravy tastes good then you probably have the seasoning ok .
'Cardboard textured meat ' I would say you are euther using the wrng cut f meat for the slow coking or you need to cook it for longer.
Buy your meat from a local butcher and they will be able to advise you on what cut of meat is best to use for the each different method you want to use or for the recipe you are cooking.

I use my slow cooker a reasonable amount and often will cook a larger amount and freeze the meat I cooked in portions as its convinient to have in the freezer .

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Re: Tasteless meat

beef with gravy,interesting how do oyu make it.

enjoying cooking easy and fast...
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Re: Tasteless meat

Get meat from the best butcher you can afford.

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Re: Tasteless meat

you could try pot roasting the topside  instead of straight up braising..

I prefer to use a cast iron dutch oven to do this  but a slow cooker can work as well.

I  put a bed of veg on the bottom of the pot..  quartered onion and  some sliced  celery on the very bottom, then a raft of cut in half carrots on top of that. add about 100 mls of some kind of liquid .  you don't want the liquid to rise above the carrot raft.  place the well seasoned roast on top of the carrots. You could and I most often do sear the roast in the pot( one of the reasons I like to use the cast iron Dutch oven)  before building the veg base but it isn't necessary .  put the lid on top and place in a pre-heated fairly  low oven.  300 F /150 C

by the end of cooking the liquid level will most likely have risen part way up the roast.  you could flip the roast partway through cooking but it isn't critical to do so.

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