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food poisoning symtomps and signs

Dear Friends

Today I am going to tell you about something we (Bangladeshi) really need to know as we are food lover and specially myself who is (105 kg) carrying a bit heavy : ) weight. I my self is food lover I usually take rich food/fast food during the day atleast twice. Not only in Bangladesh but also in south asia we have the habbit to have food .... a lot of food... all the day & night...

I have found something very special on a website where you can learn more about food and food poisoning symtomps and signs which can prevent lot of hassle/damages in your body & health. Personally befitted from this site. I hope you guys will love it too.

Dont forget to give your feedback.

Have a safe journey to eat....


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Re: food poisoning symtomps and signs

Food poisoning, your body gives you some signs for sure. Other people’s food has done me 3 times in my life. Someone died recently in Devon from eating a death cap mushroom. Hygiene it’s something we all need to be aware of. My workplace got the maximum 5 stars as always from Health and Hygiene. The same rules apply in the home.

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Re: food poisoning symtomps and signs

We have a nice thread which contains a lot of links to information on food safety

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Re: food poisoning symtomps and signs

I'm sure I'm not alone on this...a couple years ago, I had some "Chinese food" that tasted a bit funky (but nothing too bad so I kept eating)...made me through up later that night.

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