Who we are

We're an education charity on a mission to keep cooking skills alive. Food is at the heart of everything we do and we work in three main areas: in schools, where our materials help to educate children about the joys of growing and cooking fresh food and giving them a skill for a lifetime; through the Fifteen Apprentice Programme, where we empower disengaged young people by training them for careers in the restaurant industry; and in communities, where our cooking centres inspire individuals to get back into the kitchen by giving them the confidence to cook tasty and nutritious food from scratch. We are driven by a passionate belief that food skills are one of the most important skills you can learn. Once you have them, you're set for life. From Jamie's early work with young people at Fifteen and his campaigns for better school food to his cooking programmes in the community and schools, the transformative power of food is what connects our past and future programmes.

What we do

We campaign for food education in schools and better quality school dinners.

We create materials inspired by Jamie's passion for food that bring food education to life in schools and communities.

We train disengaged young people for long-term careers in the restaurant industry.

We partner with like-minded organisations that believe that food is one of the most valuable skills you can ever learn and pass on.

We champion the great work of thousands of people and organisations globally, all of whom work tirelessly to reduce the impact of diet-related disease.

Educate, Empower, Inspire