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I'm so proud of Jamie's Italian. Our amazing team is like a big family – they'll look after you while you tuck into simple delicious food, created using superbly sourced produce. Great food, great value, beautiful surroundings. Welcome to Jamie's Italian.
Signed Jamie Oliver, X
Jamie’s Italian
2d ago

As the first month of the New Year comes to an end, we're interested to know who has successfully kept to their New Year resolution? We've broken ours of eating less pasta! Way too good to resist beautiful, fresh pasta… JIx #JamiesItalian

Jamie’s Italian
3d ago

Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans for the weekend? Why not try making your own fresh pasta at home? Here's the recipe we use every day for our lovely pasta. 2L pasteurised free range 'happy' eggs 3kg double milled flour  2.5kg semolina You may want to adjust the quantity though or you'll end up with enough pasta to feed a restaurant! JIx #JamiesItalian #freshpasta

Jamie’s Italian
4d ago

Did you know Jamie Oliver founded Jamie's Italian along with another very famous chef? Meet Gennaro Contaldo. Gennaro is one half of The Two Greedy Italians and the Godfather of Jamie's Italian. He is constantly in our UK kitchens cooking up a storm. We love our Gennaro! JIx

Jamie’s Italian
5d ago

Who knows which dish on our menu is Jamie's wife, Jools' favourite? Here's a hint, it's named after her! Our lovely Tuna Fusilli dish is the only dish Jools requested Jamie make her while she was pregnant with each of their beautiful 4 kids. Putting it on the menu was a no brainer for our Jamie! JIx #JamiesItalian #tuna #JamieandJools

Jamie’s Italian
6d ago

Our Brisbane team may have had a little too much fun testing the View-Masters featuring our award-winning kids menu. Kids will love viewing the menu through these cool things. Each of the dishes come with unlimited juice and a "Shake Me" salad, whuch we're sure they'll love. JIx #jamiesitalian #kidsmenu