Jamie Oliver portrait
So great to see my brilliant team at Jamie's Italian VivoCity. I'm incredibly proud of each and every one, from the kitchen to front-of-house. I just wish I have more time to see more of beautiful Singapore - such a fantastic place!
Signed Jamie Oliver, X
Jamie’s Italian
19h ago

do you know that this beautiful dessert is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova? how romantic - making this raspberry and chocolate rippled version perfect as part of our 3-course Valentine's Day menu. book your tables soon folks!! xx

Jamie’s Italian
2d ago

meet the crew #chefsofjamiesitaliansg #wefie #behindthescenes #bestteamever #biglove

Jamie’s Italian
3d ago

our daily special has so many stories behind it - the name 'puttanesca' comes from the 'lady of the night', and monachelle, the little shell-shaped pasta, was once used to smuggle garlic 😏 with fried anchovies, black olives and jamie's tomato passata it is also super tasty!

Jamie’s Italian
1w ago

happy birthday Gennaro! pappa G is such a legend, Jamie's mentor for 22 years, absolutely amazing - and he cooks soooooo gooooood!! big big love from JI Vivocity team, have a good one xx

Jamie’s Italian
2w ago

do you know that the acquerello rice we use in our wild mushroom risotto has the same nutritional values as brown rice? we think that's pretty cool xx