Jamie Oliver portrait
So great to see my brilliant team at Jamie's Italian VivoCity. I'm incredibly proud of each and every one, from the kitchen to front-of-house. I just wish I have more time to see more of beautiful Singapore - such a fantastic place!
Signed Jamie Oliver, X
Jamie’s Italian
1w ago

We had an amazing #FoodRevolutionDay with these super adorable kids from MindChamps today!! So much enthusiasm to learn about food - we all made Jamie's delicious Squash-It Sandwich together! Have you guys signed Jamie's petition yet?? If not hit the link in our profile now!! #SignIt #ShareIt

Jamie’s Italian
2w ago

Food Revolution Day is tomorrow folks - have you signed Jamie's petition yet? Amazing people like Ed Sheeran, Usain Bolt, Hugh Jackman and Sir Paul McCartney support Jamie's cause - what are you waiting for?? Find the link in our profile xx #SignIt #ShareIt #FoodRevolutionDay #FRD2015

Jamie’s Italian
3w ago

no plans for Mother's Day yet? treat mum with our special sharing feast for two or more, and have some family fun at our photo booth! a memorable day with an adorable keepsake, what's not to love?

Jamie’s Italian
4w ago

happy days folks, we're serving our amazing breakfast menu tomorrow! so come celebrate labour day with us over freshly baked bread, delicious eggs and Italian coffee. book with chope and the fourth diner eats for free - what's not to love?

Jamie’s Italian
1 ago

haven't decided what to eat yet? our new menu officially launches today!! here's our new chicken al mattone - marinated free-range bird with a creamy wild mushroom sauce, lemony rocket & Parmesan. can't wait for you guys to try it xx