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Jamie Brings the Food Revolution to ChefVille

Fri 02nd Nov 2012 10:02 | Back

Jamie Brings The Food Revolution to ChefVille!

Friday 2 Nov 2012


We are excited to announce that from today, Jamie will be starring in ChefVille, the social restaurant game, infusion his passion for sustainable, unprocessed and real food.


Launched in August, ChefVille is Zynga’s - the world's leading provider of social game services - newest take on restaurant games, delivering players a unique culinary experience that allows them to create and run the restaurant of their dreams and master a variety of cuisines from around the world, while unlocking real-life recipes and connecting with family and friends.


For the next two weeks, Jamie will take center stage in ChefVille as he leads players on a series of quests centered on growing your own and simple cooking using fresh ingredients. Players will also have the opportunity to purchase limited edition virtual goods in ChefVille, with Zynga and Facebook donating all proceeds to Jamie’s global charities, which is amazing!.*


“Good food is for everyone, wherever you are in the world, and if you know how to cook, you’ve got an incredibly valuable life-skill. Arming and inspiring ChefVille players with the means to develop their cooking skills and food knowledge – while having fun – is a brilliant way to motivate people to cook from scratch at home using quality fresh ingredients, and to ignite their interest in food," Jamie O.


Jamie’s ChefVille quests include:
 Cultivating and crafting – Players learn the importance of sustainability by growing fresh ingredients in recycled garden containers that they build from scratch using discarded materials like an old boot and broken pot proving you can grow your own food anywhere!.
Real ingredients – Players harvest fresh produce such as carrots, lettuce and peppers to cook and serve up delicious meals directly to their friends, a great way to nourish yourself and others and enjoy food.
Lend a hand – Players help neighbors by tending to their gardens and produce stands, we have to work together to grow the real food movement, garden by garden!
Dine and contribute – Players can opt to purchase Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution limited edition virtual goods pack that includes items such as an English garden and a topiary. These will only be available during the two-week promotion so make sure you check them out and support the cause.
Join the Revolution today and help Jamie Oliver in his quest to support real food by playing ChefVille at

“I’m trying to inspire change in people’s eating habits and show just how easy it is to cook fresh, nutritious and delicious food no matter who you are or where you live.”Jamie O.


Get involved on Facebook and play ChefVille with Jamie! http://zynga.tm/bLL


*Jamie Oliver’s global charities span three continents through the inspiring food education projects outlined below. The funds raised through Jamie’s ChefVille promotion this November will go directly to these projects sharing the power of food education and helping people everywhere make better food choices for a healthier life.

AUSTRALIA In Australia the Ministry of Food works in partnership with The Good Foundation to bring hands-on cooking skills to local communities.

UK The Better Food Foundation, a food education charity registered in England and Wales (no. 1094536) oversees three UK projects, the Fifteen Apprenticeship Program, Ministry of Food and the Kitchen Garden Project.
USA In the US, the
Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, a non-profit organization, works to bring food education to schools and youth groups, businesses and communities through raising awareness, meaningful partnerships and hands-on training.






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