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jamie’s chicken fajitas at mayor’s newham show

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Jamie's Ministry of Food Stratford joined the Mayor's Newham Show held at Central Park, East Ham adding some Mexican sunshine and the aroma of chicken fajitas to the other festivities of this fantastic show.

We were delighted to take part in this festival of performances, music, games and food by hosting cooking demonstrations throughout the weekend. Having happily settled in between the children’s carousel and the arts and crafts pavilion, we set up our pop-up kitchen and all our ingredients for the day, with home-made bunting and paper boats adding to the Newham at the Seaside theme.

As the weather alternated between tropical rain and beautiful sunshine, our talented cook Rosanna presented mouth-watering recipes from the Ministry of Food menu. Tasty pancakes, hot chicken fajitas, and the incredibly fragrant Thai green curry were all very popular, with audiences crowding round. As the rain poured down, the umbrellas came out but our audience sat tight! We had teenagers, children, families, and pensioners watching the demonstrations. Our taster samples caused a scramble, with everyone commenting on how delicious the food was. There was a lot of excitement about trying out Jamie Oliver’s recipes. Two little girls were very keen on the Thai green curry, experiencing the new smells and tastes of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk.

Mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales got involved in our pop-up kitchen, chopping up peppers and tomatoes for the hot salsa in the fajitas - after a simple knife skills class to make sure that his chopping skills were up to scratch. We were very pleased to hear that the Mayor later cooked chicken fajitas at home – Jamie’s Ministry of Food Stratford has already started inspiring followers!

We also had two usherettes going round the festival with "Guess the Herbs" trays: inviting people to name at least five herbs to win one of Jamie's Tea Party Fairy Cakes, baked by Jamie's Ministry of Food Stratford. This proved a very popular game, with people wanting to play the game and smell the herbs long after we ran out of fairy cakes! Getting people to use their sense of smell really breaks the ice, and it was fun to see which herbs and spices people recognised and which were new to them depending on the type of food they cook. Some of the kids really knew their herbs, and told us they help preparing meals at home.

It was a great weekend, so thank you to Newham for inviting us to take part in the show - we had a great time and look forward to seeing many of the Newham residents we met over those two days on our cooking classes later this year.

About the author: Carlos Montes is the Director of Jamie’s Ministry of Food Stratford

Photo courtesy of Andrew Baker

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