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This week I caught up with our Project Manager, Soraya Overend, at Jamie's Ministry of Food Bradford and found her proudly displaying a number of lovely "Thank You" cards that she has received from people who have attended classes and learnt how to cook using Jamie's delicious Ministry of Food recipes.

The popularity of the classes at the Centre continues to grow. Due to public demand, she and co-trainer, Lisa McLoughlin, are continuing to add new classes to the diary and are planning to run a number of summer holiday courses for children and young people too, all of which is fantastic news!

I am, of course, very lucky to be able regularly to visit our Ministry of Food Centres and to meet people who are doing classes there. I have an opportunity to hear first hand how much people love the Ministry of Food course and see the impact that it can make to peoples lives through improving their cooking skills. For those of you who don’t have this opportunity though, I thought that you may like to read a few comments from people who have visited the Bradford Centre and enjoyed lessons from Soraya and Lisa. They are certainly testament to the success of the project and girls’ hard work and enthusiasm. If you feel inspired to join them, why don’t you check out the Centre for yourself and sign up for a class?

"I am really enjoying this course. I am becoming more adventurous and not afraid to use spices! Especially enjoyed the lamb rogan josh and the soup recipes."

"I enjoy the course so much, just learning different ideas. I got bored of making the same things to eat and thought it would be a benefit to me and my family. I'll be really sad to finish the course, I look forward to my Tuesday nights and I hope there are further courses in the future."

"I am finding this course very helpful as my cooking knowledge and confidence are growing more every week."

"Top experience - good food, good company, all good"

"Have really enjoyed the cooking course so far and will be sad when it comes to an end. It has definitely inspired me to be more creative in the kitchen."

"I feel much more confident cooking and really enjoy coming to the group. Soraya is so helpful and puts me at ease when trying new things."

"This is MINT! Brilliant idea. Really good to be able to see what's going on from outside street as you walk past too!"

"Can't cook, won't cook, hate cook. But since coming here I love to cook. Very good time."

"Absolutely fantastic place to learn new skills."

"The course is amazing! Had loads of fun and learnt a lot!"

"Simply brilliant programme at a very convenient location. Premises with modern facilities, coached by highly-trained staff to cook superb meals....JMOF provided me with exactly what I had been looking for: preparing healthy affordable food for my family. I loved it so much that I've brought my wife, my two sons and two daughters plus a friend and I'm now waiting to bring our two other daughters along."

"I have been trying to teach my husband cooking with limited success. Now Bravo! I have a confident cook that helps the family experience alternative recipes plus inspiring him to create his own based on what he has learnt. Thanks to Jamie's Ministry of Food."

About the Author: Milla Cameron is Campaigns Manager for Jamie Oliver

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