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jamie's ministry of food project to launch in the north east.

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This project, our fourth Ministry of Food initiative, has been set-up in partnership with a cracking food and nutrition charity that operates in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area, East End Health, and is funded by Newcastle PCT, the Community Foundation and generous donations from several Local Council Ward Committees.

The Ministry of Food campaign was originally launched by Jamie in Rotherham in 2008 with Food Centres subsequently also opening in Bradford and Leeds. These projects have so far taught thousands of people basic, invaluable cooking skills and how to cook simple, tasty food on a budget.

A great new feature of Jamie’s Ministry of Food North East is that it is being run as an outreach project, using local venues to make it as accessible and convenient as possible for local people to get involved and take advantage of this great service.

Commenting today on this latest project launch, Jamie said: “We’re very excited to be expanding the Ministry of Food into the North East. We’ve already shown in Yorkshire that this is a hugely successful, cost-effective and practical way to change people’s lives for the better. The personal stories that come out of our Ministry projects in Yorkshire every week are truly inspiring – people losing weight, saving money and getting renewed confidence, simply by knowing a few cooking skills.”

Jamie Sadler, Director of East End Health said today:

“The partnership between East End Health and the Jamie Oliver Foundation is an amazing opportunity for us to inspire communities to cook and eat well in the North East. Like the Foundation, East End Health is passionate about food, nutrition and health. Having been very successful in these areas for over 5 years, East End Health now wants to build on this success and broaden the range of services that it can offer to the community. East End Health aims to inspire people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to learn about food and nutrition and take control of their health and well-being. I am certain that Ministry of Food will be a huge success in our area and we are determined to make sure that its benefits can be rolled out across all communities in the North East of England. East End Health is immensely grateful to all our funders who have made this project possible”

Laura Wallace, a Food Trainer with Ministry of Food North East, agreed: “We are all thrilled to be launching Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Newcastle. It offers local people an amazing opportunity to learn how to cook and feed themselves, and their families, well. Research shows that poor diet contributes to social exclusion and a decline in the quality of life. Recent surveys in our area have also indicated that there’s a massive demand from schools, teachers, parents and professionals for cooking classes. Jamie’s Ministry of Food North East couldn’t have come at a better time! We believe that this project will play a significant role in meeting this demand and will improve people’s attitudes towards food and health across the region. I can’t wait to get started!”

About the author: Camilla Cameron is the Campaigns Manager for Jamie Oliver Ltd.

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