Lots of people ask us lots of questions about working here. We've tried to answer some of the most popular ones here.

Will I get to meet Jamie?

Probably. At some stage. He's a very busy man though, so he's not around every day.

Will Jamie be around a lot?

It depends what role you're in and where you work. Jamie does spend some of his time in our London offices, but if you're not working on a specific project with him you might not get to see him a lot.

How can I find out more about opportunities at Fifteen?

Fifteen is part of the Jamie Oliver Group and is a commercial business with a purpose a global social enterprise with young people at its heart. Fifteen operate a pioneering apprenticeship scheme for young people, between the ages of 18 and 24, alongside the day-to-day running of the restaurants. You can find out more about Fifteen and the roles they're recruiting for by checking out the 'Join Us' and 'Vacancies' section of our careers page or visiting the Fifteen website at www.fifteen.net.

Does Jamie cook for you?

Not often. He's really busy, so although he really loves to do it, it's rare for him to have the time to cook for staff.

Do you get free food?

Every day! We have something called a Breakfast Club - it's a reference to a film from the 80's - look it up! It's there to provide our whole team with a good start to the day, from wholesome cereals to lovely breads and spreads. It also provides free teas and coffees throughout the day, even if you do have to make them yourself.

Is Jamie anything like he seems on the TV?

It depends on what you think he's like on the TV! Having said that, he doesn't put on an act when you see him on the TV. What you see is what you get in real life. He's the same, down-to-earth, friendly, easy-going Jamie.

How big is the company?

Probably bigger than you think! Have a look at the company information in our Who Are We? section. We're growing all the time, but we have over 350 members of staff (excluding the Jamie's Italian and Barbecoa restaurants) across the various businesses.

Do you have a graduate scheme?

We're a bit small to have a graduate scheme at the moment, but we do recruit graduates or people with equivalent levels of experience into the team. It all depends on the roles we're trying to fill at the time.

Do you offer work experience placements?

Unfortunately, we can't offer regular work experience or internships but we do occasionally have the opportunity for people who are passionate about food and interested in working for us to join us on a work experience basis for a week or two. We tend to advertise these on the current vacancies section of our website so it's worth keeping an eye out for anything that might come up.



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