Acorda de mariscos

Acorda de mariscos

main courses | serves 6-8

At lunchtime in the bars where Olhão?s fishermen congregate, you?re often served a ?rodizio de peixe? ? an assortment of grilled fish ? accompanied by a pile of boiled potatoes and a bowl of ?acorda?, a delicious, sloppy dish that?s best described as being like soupy garlic bread. Our chunky version uses good white sourdough, known in Portuguese as ?pao caseiro?.

1. Place the bread in a large bowl. In a jug, combine the vinegar, olive oil and cumin with 200ml of water. Drizzle this mixture over the bread and leave for 5 minutes for the flavours to get to know each other and the bread to begin to soften.
2. Once the bread is moist and the flavours absorbed, add the rest of the ingredients and toss to combine.

Per serving 424 cals, 5.4g sugars, 27.7g fat (4.2g saturated), 16.2g protein, 24.6g carbs


Recipe Andy Harris
Photo David Loftus

from Issue 41


? 3 thick doorsteps of stale bread, roughly torn (about 250g)
? 150ml red wine vinegar
? 150ml olive oil
? 2 tsp ground cumin
? 350g shelled king prawns, cooked
? 1 cucumber, peeled and roughly chopped
? 1 medium red onion, chopped small
? 3 medium tomatoes, diced
? About 20 green olives
? 5 garlic cloves, chopped small
? 3 tbsp chopped coriander

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