Barbecoa burger

Barbecoa burger

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This recipe is the signature burger at Barbecoa, the barbecue restaurant-cum-butchery opened by Jamie and Adam Perry Lang opposite St Paul's Cathedral. To find out more about Barbecoa or to book a table, visit the website or call 020 3005 8555.

1. In a pan over a low-medium heat, slowly fry the onions in a little olive oil until golden and sticky. Finish with a splash of ale, stirring till evaporated. While that?s going, bash your anchovy using a mortar and pestle, or slice it very finely. When all mashed up, mix it with the mayonnaise and set aside.
2. Season the minced beef with salt and pepper and shape into a thick burger patty. Heat a minimal amount of oil on a hot grill pan or frying pan, then add the beef burger. Leave to seal on one side and brush the top with half the mustard. Once sealed, turn over and repeat with the mustard. When sealed on the bottom, turn again to get a good crust.
3. Meanwhile, fry the bacon till crisp and lightly toast the bun halves. Top the burger with the onion, bacon and cheese. Dot mayo on the base of the bun, then carefully transfer the burger with its toppings to the base. Top with the other bun half. Return the burger to the char-grill or frying pan. Place a small amount of water in the the pan and use a cloche or metal bowl to cover the burger. Cook till the water has evaporated ? the steam will give you a great shine on the bun!
4. Now your burger is ready to serve with pickled onions, chillies, ketchup, extra mustard ? whatever you fancy!


Recipe Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang
Photo David Loftus

from Issue 15


? onion, finely sliced
? Olive oil
? A splash of Old Speckled Hen, or other strong ale
? 1?2 anchovy fillets
? 1 heaped tbsp mayonnaise
? 230g minced beef (higher fat content will give a better flavour)
? 1 heaped tbsp French?s mustard, or your favourite sort
? 2 rashers smoked streaky bacon, halved
? 1 sesame seed-topped bun
? 40g grated Westcombe or other nice cheddar

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