Boozy custard

Boozy custard

dressings / sauces | Makes enough for 1 pudding

1. Pour the milk and cream into a non stick pan and add the vanilla pod, with the seeds scraped out. Gently bring to the boil and remove from the heat as soon as it starts to bubble. Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar in a large bowl until pale and light. Slowly pour in the hot milk whisking all the time. Pour this back into the pan, add the whisky or your chosen booze and cook on a very low heat, stirring constantly for a couple of minutes, until thick and creamy. Serve with Christmas pudding (recipe here)


Recipe Georgie Socratous
Photo Myles New


? 400ml milk
? 200ml double cream
? 6 large egg yolks
? 3 tablespoons whisky or whatever booze you like
? 3 tablespoons caster sugar
? 1 vanilla pod

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