Cambridge burnt cream

Cambridge burnt cream

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The French do a mean crème brûlée, but we?re willing to fight them for the naming rights to this classic custard with a hardened sugar crust. In Britain, at least, you?re eating either Cambridge Burnt Cream, or Trinity Cream. Granted, the recipe was first published as ?crème brûlée? (burnt cream) in a cookbook by the famous Gallic chef François Massialot in 1691, yet by the second edition Massialot had changed the name to ?crème anglaise?. Perhaps he?d heard that a variant of the pudding had been on the menu at Trinity College, Cambridge, for 60 years already, where they even branded the college crest into the crust. Today, not even the Trinity dons are sure if that?s true. We don?t really mind, as long as we?re the ones getting to shatter that dark crust with a teaspoon and tuck into the silky vanilla custard beneath.

1. Preheat the oven to 150C/gas 2. Place the cream, milk, vanilla pod and seeds in a small pan and bring to a gentle simmer over a low heat.
2. Meanwhile, beat together the egg yolks and sugar. Discard the vanilla pod from the cream mixture then slowly pour into the yolk mixture, stirring well to combine.
3. Pour the custard into six 100ml ovenproof dishes, ramekins or teacups. Place in a deep roasting tray and fill the tray with warm water to reach halfway up the sides of the dishes. Bake for 35?45 minutes, or until the custards have set. Remove from the oven, leave to cool, then chill until needed.
4. When ready to serve, sprinkle each dish with a little extra sugar and use a blowtorch to caramelise it. Alternatively, place the custards under a hot grill, keeping an eye on them to ensure the sugar doesn?t burn ? the crusts should be a lovely golden colour. Once coloured evenly, allow the sugar to cool until hard and then serve.

Per serving 189 cals, 3.5g protein, 9.3g carbs, 15.3g fat (8.8g saturated), 9g sugars


Recipe Christina Mackenzie
Photo Dan Jones

from Issue 23


? 150ml double cream
? 250ml milk
? 1 vanilla pod, split, seeds scraped
? 3 egg yolks
? 40g sugar, plus extra for the crusts

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