Quick Japanese pickles

Quick Japanese pickles

snacks and sides | serves 4 ?6 as a snack

"A Japanese chef showed me this recipe many years ago," says Pete. "The great thing about it is you can use almost any vegetables. Carrot, radish and beetroot all work ? just remember to slice them thinly."

1. Break the leaves off the cabbages and trim off the thick stalks. Tear the leaves into bite-size pieces, place in a mixing bowl and sprinkle the salt over the top. Crunch up the cabbage and salt with your fist ? the grains of salt act as an abrasive and help to break the cabbage down slightly.
2. Leave the cabbage to soak in the salt for 2?3 minutes. Then, a handful at a time, squeeze out any liquid. Squeeze as hard as you can, shaking any drips off your hands as you go. Place the salted cabbage in a fresh bowl.
3. Wash your hands, then toss the salted cabbage with the ponzu sauce and shiso leaves. Serve immediately with cocktail sticks and a very cold beer.

Note Ponzu sauce and shiso leaves are available from most Japanese food shops


Recipe Pete Begg
Photo Myles New

from Issue 5


2 small pale-green cabbages ? the little pointed ones are perfect
1 heaped tbsp of coarse sea or rock salt
2 tbsp ponzu sauce (see note), or a mix of Japanese soy and lime
A few shiso leaves torn up (see note), or coriander or mint

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