Chocolate mousse & compote

Chocolate mousse  & compote

dessert recipes | serves 8

Using a good-quality, ready-made compote is an easy cheat here.

1. Melt the chocolate with a tiny pinch of salt in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water (don?t let it touch the bowl), stirring occasionally.
2. Meanwhile, beat the sugar and egg yolks until smooth. Whisk the whites with a tiny pinch of salt until soft peaks form. In a third bowl, beat the cream to soft peaks.
3. Mix the cocoa into the egg yolks then fold in the whipped cream. Fold through the melted chocolate until everything is combined. Tip in the egg whites and fold until the mix is smooth and evenly coloured. Spoon into a large serving bowl or divide between glasses. Cover with clingfilm then refrigerate for 1?2 hours to set.
4. Just before serving, gently warm the compote and brandy in a small pan, stirring, then spoon over the mousse and serve.

Per serving 279 cals, 20.8g fat (11.8g saturated), 6.6g protein, 22.8g carbs, 20.8g sugars


Recipe Jamie Magazine
Photo Anders Sconnemann

from Issue 27


? 150g 70%-cocoa chocolate, broken into small pieces
? 50g sugar
? 4 eggs, separated
? 150ml double cream
? 1 tbsp cocoa powder
? 9 tbsp apricot or cherry compote
? 4?5 tbsp brandy

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