Pizza fritta

Pizza fritta

breakfast | makes 10 mini pizzas

1 First make the salsa. Chop the tomatoes, so you have a mixture of small and large pieces and pop them into a bowl. Add the garlic and oregano, and stir in the olive oil and red wine vinegar. Season and set aside.
2 Tear the dough into 10 equal-sized pieces and roll out each one on a floured surface. You want them roughly circular, about 15cm across and the thickness of a £1 coin. You can either keep them in
the fridge, wrapped in cling film, stacked and separated by tinfoil rubbed with oil and dusted with flour, or cook them straight away.
3 Preheat your oven to 200C/gas 6. Pour the oil into a large frying pan and place it over a high heat. Once the oil is hot (a cube of bread sizzles when it’s dropped in), carefully add one of the pizza bases, laying it away from you so you don’t splash yourself with hot oil.
4 Fry for 1–2 minutes or so on each side, until golden, drain on kitchen paper, then place on a baking tray and pop it in the oven to keep warm. Repeat with all of your pizzas. If, after a while, the oil starts to look shallow, top it up and get it back to the right temperature before frying more.
5 Once all the pizza bases have been fried, smear each one with a spoonful of the salsa, grate over a little pecorino, top with some burrata, then scatter over the remaining oregano and serve.

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Per serving 382 cals, 19g fat (6.6g saturated), 13.2g protein, 42.1g carbs, 3.5g sugars


Recipe Jamie Oliver
Photo Matt Russell

from Issue 48


• ½ batch of pizza dough
• Semolina flour, for dusting
• 500–600ml vegetable oil (needs to come about 2cm up the sides of a large frying pan), plus extra for greasing
• Cube of bread, to test the oil
• 20g pecorino
• 100g burrata, roughly torn
• 500g mixed vine tomatoes
• ½ garlic clove, finely grated
• A few sprigs of oregano, leaves picked and chopped, plus extra leaves to serve
• 1½ tbsp extra virgin olive oil
• ½ tbsp red wine vinegar

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