Prawn & Chorizo Orzo

Prawn & Chorizo Orzo

main courses | serves 4

1. Preheat the oven to 180C/gas 4. Heat half the oil in a heavy-based pan. Fry the garlic and chorizo for 3 minutes, then deglaze the pan with the vinegar.
2. Add the passata and 300ml of water, then the orzo. Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 10?15 minutes, or until the orzo is al dente, stirring occasionally to prevent it sticking.
3. Spread the tomatoes over a baking tray, drizzle with the rest of the oil and season. Roast for 10 minutes, or until soft.
4.Stir half the basil into the pasta, along with the prawns. Divide between bowls, top with the remaining basil and serve the roasted tomatoes alongside.


from Issue 46


? 4 tbsp olive oil
? 2 garlic cloves, chopped
? 200g chorizo, sliced
? 2 tbsp sherry vinegar
? 400ml passata
? 300g orzo
? 200g vine cherry tomatoes, chopped
? A handful of basil leaves, chopped
? 400g cooked king prawns

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