Raspberry trifle

Raspberry trifle

dessert recipes | serves 8

1. Slice the sponge in to smallish pieces and place in the bottom of your trifle dish, scatter over the raspberries and drizzle with some sherry. Make the jelly by cutting the gelatine into small pieces, place in a bowl with 50ml of water and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water until gelatine has dissolved ? don?t let it get too hot. Once dissolved, mix with your diluted cordial and allow to cool. Pour the jelly mixture over your raspberries and sponge, then cover with clingfilm and leave to set in the fridge.
2. Prepare the custard by whisking together the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla extract, then add the flour and whisk in well. Heat the milk until nearly boiling, then pour on to the egg mixture, whisking all the time. Return custard mixture to the pan and cook on a gentle heat until the mixture thickens, stirring continuously. Allow to cool, stirring occasionally, then pour over your set jelly. Allow to chill ? this does not set in to a stiff rubbery custard; it firms up slightly little but stays smooth and silky.
3. Whisk together the cream and sifted icing sugar until you have soft peaks. Gently spoon over the custard. Using the back of a large knife, carefully make chocolate curls and scatter over the top. Serve chilled.


Recipe Ginny Rolfe
Photo Tara Fisher


150g sponge cake, cut up in to small slices
225g fresh raspberries, red and golden would be nice
Good splash of sherry
250ml double cream
1 tbsp icing sugar, sifted
100g good quality plain chocolate, to serve

4 leaves of beef gelatine (about 7g)
500ml diluted raspberry cordial, to your taste

4 large egg yolks, preferably free range or organic
2 tbsp golden caster sugar
Few drops of vanilla extract
30g plain flour
580ml full-fat milk

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