Spicy pasties

Spicy pasties

snacks and sides | makes 8

These are the perfect picnic treat! Cornish pasties have become a real British classic. Using some wicked spices and slightly less traditional veg really works a treat here.

1. Preheat the oven to 200C/gas 6. In a small frying pan heat the oil, then add the garlic, chilli and ginger and fry for about 1 minute, until softening, but not coloured. Add the mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, and curry leaves and fry for a further minute, until the mustard seeds start to pop. Set aside to cool, then mix these spices with the rest of the filling ingredients in a large bowl, add a dash of oil, then set aside.
2. For the pastry, sift the flour into a bowl, add a pinch of salt, then rub in the butter with your fingertips. Pour in 150ml water and mix with your hands, squeezing until the pastry comes together. Add more water if needed but try not to overwork it.
3. Divide the pastry into 8 equal pieces and shape each one into a ball. Dust a clean surface and a rolling pin with flour, then roll out each piece of pastry to the thickness of a pound coin, dusting and turning as you go. Repeat until you have 8 rounds.
4. Place an even amount of filling on one side of each pastry sheet and brush the edges of the pastry with a little beaten egg. Pull the other half of the pastry over, feel where the filling is and use your thumb to press down and seal around the edges. Brush the pasties all over with the beaten egg, place on an oiled baking tray and cook in the hot oven for 3035 minutes, or until golden.
5. Meanwhile, toss the carrot and lettuce slices in a bowl. Chop the mint and stir into the yoghurt in another bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper. Squeeze over a little lemon juice. Serve the pasties hot, with the salad and dressing on the side.


Recipe Jamie Oliver
Photo David Loftus

from Issue 32


1 tsp olive oil
1 clove of garlic, peeled and finely chopped
1 fresh red chilli, finely chopped
1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, peeled and finely chopped
1 tsp mustard seeds
tsp fenugreek seeds
10 curry leaves
200g mutton, chicken or goat, cut into 1cm cubes
1 small onion, peeled and cut into 1cm cubes
head of cauliflower, broken into very small florets
1 x 400g tin chickpeas, drained
3 fresh tomatoes, finely chopped

500g plain flour, plus extra for dusting
250g unsalted butter, chilled
1 large free-range egg, beaten, for brushing over the pastry

1 handful of baby carrots, scrubbed clean and quartered lengthways
1 soft round lettuce, outer leaves discarded, cut into slices
A small bunch of fresh mint
Natural yoghurt, to serve
Juice of half a lemon, to serve

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