Jamie to star in ChefVille

From today, Jamie will star in social restaurant game ChefVille, a virtual reality game which allows players to create and run the restaurant of their dreams.

Players can master a variety of world cuisines, and unlock real-life recipes whilst connecting with family and friends. For two weeks, Jamie takes center stage, leading players on a series of grow-your-own and simple, fresh cooking-focused quests.

“Good food is for everyone, wherever you are in the world,” says Jamie, “and if you know how to cook, you’ve got an incredibly valuable life-skill. Arming and inspiring ChefVille players with the means to develop their cooking skills and food knowledge – while having fun – is a brilliant way to motivate people to cook from scratch at home using quality fresh ingredients, and to ignite their interest in food.”
On Jamie’s ChefVille quests, players will have the opportunity to grow and harvest fresh vegetables, help neighbors tend to their gardens, and optionally help fund Jamie’s global charities by purchase Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution limited edition virtual goods pack, exclusive to the two week promotion.

“I’m trying to inspire change in people’s eating habits and show just how easy it is to cook fresh, nutritious and delicious food no matter who you are or where you live.”

Join the Revolution and help Jamie Oliver in supporting real food by playing ChefVille at http://zynga.tm/bLL.

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