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Never one to shy away from technology and social media, Jamie has re-launched his Tumblr blog. As any blogger knows Tumblr is one of the simplest and most interactive ways of communicating great slices of news and intimate titbits of culture to an audience.

Tumblr’s blogger community is unique; an unfathomably vast collection of artists, photographers, writers, pop-culture fanatics and – you guessed it – foodies from all over the world; specialists in just about every creative industry are using Tumblr to blog, thick and fast, about their skills and products, without being held down by the standard long, wordy blog formula. At Jamie HQ we’ve decided it’s about time we re-launch our Tumblr community page where the thousands of Jamie-inspired chef-bloggers from across the globe can see one another’s experiences and ideas featured to a large audience, as well as see content from our editorial team and from Jamie himself.

As the page is a collective effort by Jamie’s online team, as well as the audience, it is entitled Official Jamie Oliver Community. If you aren’t on Tumblr yet, why not use this opportunity to join up and blog about your very own food experiences? It’s free!

As the page is highly interactive and always running during the day, all posts tagged ‘jamie oliver’ will be seen by us, and, if they’re particularly great, shared with our followers. The community is already growing fast – come and join us in what is set to be an exciting and unique online food experience!

Of course, blogging might not be your thing, so whatever your preferred social network is, be it Facebook or Twitter, we’re where you are – and as ever, Jamie super-popular Instagram profile is still the most direct way of seeing Jamie’s world.

Jim Tanfield

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Jim is Jamie's Website Editor, and writes, sources and commissions editorial content for JamieOliver.com.
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