Wimbledon tea – with our help

Nothing evokes the onset of an English summer more than the Wimbledon tennis championships. Between the drama, tears and triumphs, though, we can celebrate another English success – the afternoon tea. So between showers, turn that radio on and indulge in some lovely tea-time treats from Jamie’s great range of classics. Here are just three ideas to get you game and set for putting your feet up.

First service – Pigeon is such a delicate and gamey meat and makes a really tasty sandwich filling – this Flying steak sandwich is one of Jamie’s favourites.

Second set – What about a gorgeous fresh salad to go with your sarnies? Watch Jamie’s rules for the perfect salad on JamieOliver.com.

Match point – Enjoy this lovely treat of a carrot cake, made all the more surprising with the addition of lime in the mascarpone icing!

Jim Tanfield

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Jim is Jamie's Website Editor, and writes, sources and commissions editorial content for JamieOliver.com.
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