Before Christmas we took our Head Chef, Andy Appleton out of his kitchen at Fifteen Cornwall and asked him to don his country attire and play the lead in our new advertising campaign for 2013. However, what he didn’t realise was that he was to share the camera with a rather large bull called ‘Google’. This one ton, Charolais bull was kindly lent to us by Bob Strongman and his breeder ‘Shorty’.

So, early one morning, the scene was set. Andy ready with binoculars, a Land Rover called ‘Maggie’, our photographer, Mr Simon Burt and ‘Google’. The idea, is to create a story, a bit like a recipe, taking one ingredient at a time and slowly over the following weeks and months, through a series of different ads, create what we call  ‘a recipe for success’. The next ad will feature Andy with a rather large slab of beef and only last week, we had great fun with a group of kids, dressed up as apprentices, taking on the role of ‘little chefs of the future’. Watch this space!

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Jim is Jamie's website editor, and as well as overseeing his brilliantly creative team he is always looking at ways to eat more great food because, as he says, "I'm always hungry and a little bit greedy".

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