Jamie has responded to today’s call for sugary drinks to be more highly taxed in a bid to help prevent obesity in the UK.

Doctors from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges want the price of sugary, fizzy drinks to increase by a fifth after they said that obesity “was the greatest public health crisis facing the UK.”

They also want a ban on unhealthy food in hospitals according to their report published in The Guardian. The academy also said the Government had been slow to respond to the fact that one-in-four adults in the UK is obese. The estimated income for the tax would help fund weight management programmes.

Jamie said: “This is the clearest warning sign yet that the medical profession is deeply concerned about obesity. We need action now to educate children and families on how to choose the right food to give them the best life chances.”

He added that the Royal College echoed his concerns and those expressed by many others and makes clear recommendations. “These could help prevent our children and future generations being condemned to a poorer quality of life, blighted by health problems as a result of obesity,” he continued.

Jamie concluded: “Many of us have long campaigned for food education to be integral to the curriculum and the recent announcement that it will become part of the curriculum in September 2014 is definitely progress.  However, the job is not complete until it is firmly embedded for children of all ages and we begin to see a decline in childhood obesity.”

The report also called for councils to limit the number of fast food outlets around schools.


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  • disqus_kdDmkTaABu

    When I lived at home and attended comprehensive school, I like many of my friends were taught the basics of how to cook. I learned many skills which I still use today, our lessons were called, ‘domestic science then home economics’ (same thing different title). When I past my exams in 1981 the curriculum was changing for the worse.

    I learned how to plan, be economical, prepare and cook food. From my experience as a Mam, today’s school taught my sons how to ice a chocolate log! I have taught them all the skills and tools they need for a healthier lifestyle. That is what parents do, it is handed down through the generations. In our high street alone every other shop sells unhealthy food and drink. Eating healthily is a lifestyle which can be economically beneficial to society.

  • Peter Jespersen

    Increased taxes on sugary and animal fat is not the way to go. It forces the poor into the arms of artifical sweeteners, fat substitutes and a whole new gang of chemicals – which I am sure we will find out in the future, is even more harmfull – even though it is ment to finance food education, which is the right way to go – but it needs to be financed by other way.

  • http://hesspartacus.tumblr.com/ He’s Spartacus

    Education, fine.

    Taxing drinks is an authoritarian intervention in the market. People’s personal choices are none of the state’s business.

    • http://www.facebook.com/buchanan27 Alexander Buchanan

      Well perhaps we should make all drugs free to use,’peoples choices are none of the state’s business’.
      We need to make a change now, because it is causing suffering in peoples lives. Tax would be the quickest way to help. It will take generations before people are wise enough not to drink crap.

      • http://hesspartacus.tumblr.com/ He’s Spartacus

        Your contempt for those of us who aren’t “wise enough not to drink crap” is noted.

        You could always keep your nose out of other people’s business but I suppose that would be too much to ask.

  • Asynchro

    If the UK unilaterally increases tax on soft drinks, they will be added to the white van runs that currently import cheap fags and booze. We never seem to learn the obvious, that its up to individuals to choose. History proves the point, criminalise drink, the gangsters take over, stop young adults drinking sensibly in supervised pubs, they congregate on street corners and get smashed anyway. Its about educating families to take ownership of their lives.

  • ilovekandi

    So what happens to the diet/sugar free versions? I can’t see Full Fat Coke or Pepsi being charged at a higher price then the diet versions working… that’s not going to go down well… So what will happen is the price will go up for the diet versions to.. i bet they will say it won’t, be eventually it will creep up…

    Also what about ‘healthy’ juice… Juice can be more sugary then some carbonated drinks…

    • Johnross1968

      “Full Fat Coke” I do not know where you are buying your coke, but if your coke has FAT in it go to another store from now on.

  • http://twitter.com/LizziePawlowska Liza Pawlowska

    Taxing sugary drinks is a start. There is a rise in the understanding of how sugar is the culprit in the obesity epidemic, and I hope the government catches on faster than they are – but we need to start thinking about sugar as just another drug and it’s addictive qualities (and its effect on the human body on a very basic level), and eat real, unprocessed foods instead.

    • http://hesspartacus.tumblr.com/ He’s Spartacus

      How many teenage girls do you think all this hysteria about obesity is going to turn into anorexics?

      • Plug

        perhaps it’s sugar that needs taxing and not the drinks that it’s in, that way all food stuffs that it is added to will be captured and we will naturally move back to the real, unprocessed food. Hysteria about obesity isn’t what ‘turns’ someone anorexic, but your narrow mindednes won’t help!

  • Regina Mason

    I think the world is going mad. Tax wine, cigarettes, hell tax food , bread as well.
    It’s better some people drink soft drinks than alcohol.
    People are becoming rediculous.
    Why not tax chocolate and sweets, puddings and cakes. They also contribute towards obesity.
    Some soft drinks are considered soft drinks and don’t even have sugar, but classification could cause them to be taxed.
    Some doctors just like hearing themselves speak. And anyway Mr Oliver, won’t you lose out in your businesses when families who eat at your restaurants decide no coke for the children, taxe has made it too expensive . Tap water for you sonny.

  • Regina Mason

    And medical fact, sugar sweets chocolates, cakes and puddings(like ones at mr Oliver’s restaurant ) are high on the obstacle for causing overweight people or diabetes.
    I don’t want to live in a society that polices what we want to eat and how we live. If that’s the case I would definitely move to a freer country for choices in WHAT I WANT TO EAT. NOT WHAT THE STATE WANTS ME TO.
    Great comments by some of you guys into pro choice.

  • Rosalind Mata

    My take on this is to tax heavily all the computer games, game consoles, Wiis, etc.!! They are the main cause of obseity in this country!! Kids now just dont play outside and burn off energy or carbs and sugar like they used to as they sit around all day playing computer games!! Kids are just not active anymore!! They come home from sitting down all day at school then they sit down all evening in front of computers and computer games!! THATS the main cause of obesity, NOT the soft drinks!! To me its fine drinking a Coke or Pepsi, but burn off the energy with physical activity!!

    • http://hesspartacus.tumblr.com/ He’s Spartacus

      My take is to abolish tax.

    • Tom

      While a decrease in activity is a factor in obesity, the increase in high calorie diets is the major factor. Basal metabolic rate (the energy you need to stay alive if you slept all day) is the largest part of people’s energy expenditure. Even if kids ran while drinking soft drinks they would still be increasing their net calorie intake.

  • Jemma

    why don’t they print health warnings on the packaging like they do with cigarets.

  • Johnross1968

    Jamie Oliver is all in favor of saving all of us from ourselves, what a shocker.