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Halloween has always been a huge party in the States, but it’s becoming a more recognised time in the UK as well to enjoy good food and have a bit of fun with your cooking. It’s also one of the last opportunities of the year in this country to get outside to eat without your nose falling off (although we reckon al fresco eating can be brilliant in all weather – even snow)!

You may be planning an indoor party for kids (or grown-up kids as well) or an outside feast for your friends, but either way, dress up and have a good, old-fashioned laugh with Jamie’s choice of recipes.

10. Southern BBQ pork belly has beautiful warming spices rubbed into it, which really brings an autumn night alive in the cooler months. Great with a coleslaw and warm ciabatta.

9. Party squash soup has the quintessential autumn vegetable in it – pumpkin. You don’t have to use a great big squash, but as you’re using the shell to finish off this dish then one of the gnarly, ball-shaped ones are best.

8. Roast squash, sage, chestnut and pancetta risotto is like a warm hug on an autumn day. Full of rich flavours and surprising twists it’s like a walk in the woods. Perfect for a Halloween plateful.

7. Corn chowder is a creamy, comforting dish which can be slurped from a mug around the bonfire or with your little witches and wizards indoors. That’s not the only magic about this, as it’s also cheap as chips to make in bulk as well.

6. Chunky squash and chick pea soup can satisfy everyone by filling up those hungry tums after all that trick or treating! Full of North African flavours but be warned, this one needs a spoon!

5. Chocolate fridge cake with pecan and meringues is as tempting as it sounds. Cut into big or small chunks. This will keep the skeletons nice and full but will keep the spirits high.

4. Hunter’s chicken stew is a warming and filling one-pot wonder. The Italians in the north of the country love this in the cooler months, and they call it Pollo alla Cacciatora. We call it scarily delicious.

3. Epic hot chocolate is an amazing way to show your love with a hot drink. The South Americans are the ones to thank for this drink, which has come to be considered as the ultimate treat.

2. Sausages with real baked beans. I don’t make many secrets about it; I love sausages. We have such an abundance of traditional and cracking recipes in the UK that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right ones. Get good welfare, high pork content ones to ensure the right amount of flavour.

1. Good old chilli con carne is number one because it has it all. It’s easy to make in a single pot, warming and spicy, easy to eat with a spoon, filling and almost universally loved. What’s not to like?


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  • annesswag

    I wondered why I saw reconken and al fresco in the same sentence…now I know why…and this hillbilly loves it! Oh, and the recipes!!

  • marcel

    I recommen the chocolat cake. In my country we call it “turron”. Taste it!!!

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