This beautiful couple have taken their commitment to Food Revolution Day to amazing lengths – by putting it centre stage at their wedding.

Crystal Holly and Jean-Christophe Amado are getting hitched in Portugal on May 19th and the food at their reception has been designed around the Food Revolution Day principles.

Crystal told us: “We have always been big fans of Jamie's and the amazing initiatives he runs. This one in particular struck a chord with my fiance and I as we strive on a daily basis to engage in healthy eating and making more conscious choices about our food.”

Crystal as a health psychologist is very much on the frontline, working with adult and pediatric patients in the cardiovascular, obesity and behaviour change field. “Every day I'm reminded of the importance of making healthy choices,” she adfds, “and I try and eat what I preach! We love cooking and every night, no matter how late we get home we ensure we have a home-cooked meal and this is a big pleasure for both of us. This added to my fiance's work in climate change and sustainability really made the food revolution day the perfect fit for us.”

So what are the happy couple planning for their big day? “On our wedding day we get to bring our friends and family together from around the world, and share with them the biggest day of our life. A big part of this for us is sharing a meal with good food and wine and we made big efforts to have this be local, sustainable, healthy and most importantly all the while being delicious food.”

Crystal continues: “When we realised that Food Revolution Day corresponded with our wedding we were really excited as it is a way to combine everything we care about with an amazing program and to try and raise awareness and make a difference. We wanted our guests to be able to share in our celebration but also to share with them our values and excitement for what Food Revolution stands for. If it encourages a few people to go and make changes and to talk more about it then we'll be really happy.”

She added: “We are getting married in Portugal as my fiance's family is Portuguese and it makes for a lovely setting for a countryside wedding. To tie it into our day we've drawn up a fantastic reception followed by a 7 course meal with our caterer Catia (from Pratos e Festas). She has helped us decide up lovely local food that they make all fresh for the wedding but as well to find plates that are made of local produce and meat.”

“We've also decided that we as a couple would like to support this charity and will be making a donation and will encourage any other guests to follow us in this action. . Our guest book at our reception has the message from Jamie in it so that as people sign they'll start thinking about this and discuss over the reception before dinner.”

To keep up to date on all of the Food Revolution Day events near you, check out the FRD website.


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