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For a long time, veganism has had an unfairly bad name in the food industry. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the web and its foodie communities over the last few years, however, you’ll know that followers are growing in numbers quickly, and the creativity and resourcefulness of its chefs, from independent bloggers to specialist restaurants, is blossoming. With recipes like these gorgeous ones from Jamie and his food team, it’s no longer only omnivores who can enjoy a varied and satisfying diet – dig in!

Vegan shepherd’s pie

vegan recipes shepherd's pie

Vegan shepherd’s pie has all the makings of an absolute classic. A rich, hearty filling topped with gorgeous root-veg mash and zesty breadcrumbs for a super-crisp finish means this dish rivals the original, especially since it’s easy and comparatively quick to put together.

Mini vegan doughnuts

vegan recipes doughnuts

With their gorgeous quick raspberry dip, these hot, crisp and sweet little vegan doughnuts are a fantastic naughty snack that everyone will love.

Vegan dim sum buns

We’re thrilled with this recipe, because nobody should have to miss out on the beauty of a steamed bun. These soft little numbers are stuffed with Asian-style mushrooms and hoisin sauce – everyone will go absolutely mad for them!

The best vegan burger

vegan recipes burger

We couldn’t have done without this recipe – for too long the vegan alternatives to a traditional beef burger have been incredibly disappointing. However, these corn burgers are packed with spices, herbs and a hit of lemon zest – healthy and seriously satisfying.

Epic vegan chocolate cake

If there’s one thing we know people love to bake, it’s chocolate cake. The vegan community have embraced this sweet staple with some amazing variations, but we’re beyond proud of ours – moist, sweet and seriously chocolaty, this vegan chocolate cake is a total joy to eat.

Make sure to check out the rest of our awesome vegan recipes, and keep an eye out for more great special diet content over the coming weeks!

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  • David Alvis

    Is the very concept of a Shepherd and thus a Shepherd’s pie, not totally incongruous with veganism and is a Vegan Shepherd’s Pie therefore not something of an oxymoron?

    I can’t imagine how any truly committed vegan would wish to eat, however ‘sanitised’ an imitation, a dish whose very name celebrates such a long and inglorious history of animal exploitation. Lest we forget, a ‘shepherd’ is after all someone whose livelihood is predicated on the rearing of sheep for their meat, milk and wool.

    This may of course simply be a case of an otherwise commercially savvy but overtly carnivorous chef misjudging his market in an attempt to lure a wider demographic into his ever burgeoning clientele. Such cultural naiveté is not however something one would generally associate with Essex’s favourite epicurean entrepreneur

    Unless of course the irony in plagiarising something that should be a total anathema to the vegan community, is in fact indicative of a deeper moral paradox. The juxtaposition of unease at the thought that something had to die to make their dinner with an understandable disillusionment at the more fundamental rewards of the vegan lifestyle ?

    Whatever the reason for this unholy concoction, I doubt that there are many shepherds out there who would look with anything other than bemused disdain on this rather crass trivialisation of their proud profession; one aimed merely at appeasing the hypocritically repressed meat cravings of a movement that would, superficially at least, happily render them redundant.

    • Steve Cooke

      Really? Really, really? As a vegan, my concern is with the avoidance of suffering and killing: calling a nice pie a “shepherd’s pie” causes neither suffering nor death, so my conscience is clear. Sadly, the post above goes downhill after this initial burst of idiotic nonsense. I don’t even know where to begin with the gibberish masquerading as an argument in the final paragraph. Rarely have I read as ridiculous a post as the one above.

      • David Alvis

        Shepherd’s pie contains lamb not lentils.

        If you want a lentil pie, knock yourself out, but don’t try and make it out to be something it isn’t. Celebrate your veganism; give it an appropriately jolly name like a ‘sheep friendly’ pie or a ‘cruelty-free custodian of the planet pie’ if it makes you feel better… but please not ‘vegan shepherd’s pie’

        We don’t trample all over your food culture. Have some respect

        • Steve Cooke

          I shall continue to eat vegan shepherd’s pie, vegan cheese, vegan sausages, vegan bacon, vegan black pudding, and vegan haggis. I shall continue to be entirely unmoved by thought that I might be oppressing the poor fragile meat-eaters by violating their ‘food culture’ in callous disregard for their fundamental rights. Vegans are such monsters. I suggest you complain to the ECHR.

          • David Alvis

            ‘I shall, I shall, I shall, Its my right’….. Get over yourself and calm down.

            By the way, a little more protein in your diet might stop you feeling so hungry and improve your mood

          • Steve Cooke

            Good idea; I’ll improve my protein intake by eating a vegan shepherd’s pie.

          • Catrionasuthers

            This is the most hilarious conversation I’ve ever read on a food blog. Just had me in tears 😀

          • Gabrielle Fortin

            Hahaha! Nice!

        • Samantha Magrath

          growing up my mother made shepherd’s pie with beef, not lamb. don’t be so narrow with your terms.

          • dan

            That’s cottage pie.

    • ruth bond

      You are all taking this a bit far…. Shepherds pie is a pie a “Shepherd” may eat for lunch, what his wife would put in it is unknown ….he looks after the sheep he don’t own them in old times, the chances meat was in it would be rare! Get a life and eat a vegan version!

  • Kellie Flower

    I tried the vegan menu at Jamie’s Italian a few weeks back. I’m really glad there is a vegan menu, however the dishes were not very inspired. The pasta was little more than a tomato-based sauce that one might serve a fussy child. Sadly, after ordering off the vegan menu and mentioning that I wanted the vegan dish….the first dish came out with cheese!
    Veganism, as pointed out in the above post has come a long way and there are some very sophisticated and amazing chefs our there making brilliant vegan fare. The choices on the Italian menu were limited and less interesting than what I can make at home (and I’m not trained chef). The above are much more in line with creative vegan recipes. There are vegan chefs in Europe who are doing wonders…it would be great to see that here, especially from the Jamie Oliver brand, which I expect creativity and innovation from.
    As to the comment about ‘shepherds pie’….well…I have seen vegan SP served as ‘shepherdless pie’ – so that should hopefully appease the poster who is worried about precious cruelty-based food culture :)