For the first time, Jamie Oliver has created the theme of his latest book and TV show as a result of overwhelming requests from his fans. The theme of the new book, Save With Jamie, is ‘shop smart, cook clever, waste less’ and will be available to buy in the UK from August 29th. Order yours now.

The book and the accompanying Channel 4 show Jamie’s Money Saving Meals, which begins on September 2nd in the UK will arm you with all the knowledge you need for clever recipes, with Jamie’s trademark tips, tricks and ideas to help you. It’s about making the most of your ingredients, embracing leftovers, using your freezer, loads of clever things that will help you ‘shop smart, cook clever, waste less’ for your family.

Jamie said: “We were busy working on another fantastic book, when we realised that there was so much public demand for a book helping you to make delicious, affordable, nutritious meals, without compromising on flavour, that we really had to park our initial project and respond to that demand.

“People really wanted to have amazing food that wasn’t going to cost them an arm and a leg. Changing what we were doing was the right thing to do, and ultimately you can’t ignore public feedback as strong as that.”

But Jamie was ready for this, he explained that he and his food team were the most knowledgeable people to deal with this subject matter.

“They know exactly what’s in the supermarkets and therefore which ingredients constantly give value for money. We spent a load of time thinking about what a really great ‘best of’ cookbook looks like, with meals in it that cost around half the price of an average take-away?” Jamie added.

“It’s about really great food that happens to be really good value because it won’t break the bank. It can genuinely save you thousands of pounds a year. The average family meal of burgers at a takeaway can cost £18-£20, that soon adds up to a lot of money – we can do it for less than a tenner! People helping us with the research just couldn’t believe how much money they were spending on junk food.“

He continued: “When you start thinking about meals for bigger families then the figures start getting ridiculous. I mean think about it, what would you do with an extra £2-£3k in your wallet each year?

“A bargain bucket of chicken can cost £16 for a family of four; we can do it for £13 – and with higher-welfare chicken.”

So here are some unnerving stats, reinforcing the need for Jamie to publish this book.

  • On average British adults spend £1,320-per-year on fast food, eating 12 takeaways per-month
  • 40 per cent of food bought in Britain ends up in the bin
  • More than half of all meals eaten outside of the home are fast food
  • The US spends enough money on junk food each year to potentially end world hunger

The book is split into chapters on main ingredients, vegetables, chicken, fish, beef, pork and lamb giving a really easy reference for when you get those cravings.

Jamie concludes: “This book isn’t aimed at new cooks; it’s aimed at everyone – students going to university for the first time and needing a helping hand, families on a budget, anyone looking to learn principles they can apply to their everyday shopping and cooking, young, old whoever.”

Save With Jamie is published on August 29th in the UK and his Channel 4 series Money Saving Meals begins on September 2nd. Find out more at