Over the last month, we have asked you, our Food Revolution community, to share and rate photos of school lunch. Our “Best and Worst School Lunch Photo Wall” cuts through the talk to see what’s on the tray.


Your mission: visit your local school, see what’s on the lunch tray, snap a photo and add it to our collection. See for yourself, and taste for yourself, what is being served.

No time to visit school for lunch? No kids of your own? Come rate the lunches online anyway.

More than 8,700 votes have been tallied to this half-way point, with your “thumbs-up” and “thumbs-down” identifying the best and worst lunches spotted through the lens so far.

This is amazing, but remember new uploads are added each day and we need you to keep checking back in & rating them, too! The photo wall is closing on November 26th when we will determine the best and worst school lunches based on your ratings.

Earlier in the year, over 25,000 of you joined us in asking for better school food by sending comments to the USDA supporting the proposed new standards for school meals. Now is our chance to see exactly what is on the lunch tray,and why these new standards are so important. Every kid deserves fresh, wholesome school food.


Upload, rate & share new photos now!

The Food Revolution Team