What’s for lunch in school cafeterias? Tasty meals made with fresh ingredients, or processed, unappealing junk?

The Food Revolution is asking people to upload and rate photos of school lunch to jump start the conversation about the food that kids get served at school every day.

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The Best and Worst School Lunch

The “Best” and “Worst” will be determined by visitors to the Food Revolution website who participate by rating the photographs. So it’s up to you! After November 26th the site will feature the Top 10 Best and Top 10 Worst rated lunches – as voted by you –and one from each category will be picked by Jamie and the team to receive a signed cook book and be featured on the website.

The Food Revolution wants to celebrate innovation where it’s happening and light a fire for change where it’s needed. This isn’t about criticizing school nutrition staff – it’s about a real conversation concerning the state of school food. School lunch is served under constraints including budget, staff, ingredients, and food availability. Yet under the same regulations about school food and sometimes within the same community, certain kids are getting amazing school food and others are eating unappealing junk. Help us shine a spotlight on the differences.

Upload a photo, rate the lunches, and help us build a Food Revolution!

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The Food Revolution Team

PS – Share your pride or your disappointment at your school’s lunch. Upload a photo today.