Hi Guys

It's Food Revolution Friday!

The Food Revolution is not just a tv show, it's a movement for you, your family and your community. We have set up a Food Revolution Community page on Facebook for "Food Revolutionaries" across the USA you are one of them. Cook my omelet recipe this weekend for your family or friends and post up the pictures on the Food Revolution Community page.

Watch this week's Food Revolution News and post your stories on the Food Revolution Community page on Facebook.

Please forward this email to everybody you know and ask them to sign the the petition. Sir Paul McCartney and Sting and his wife Trudie Styler have signed the petition this week.

Thank you again for your support. Together we can end childhood obesity in the US and throughout the world.

Big love and respect,


Jamie Oliver

More info

Riverside Unified Schools District

Chocolate Baby Formula: Form the cradle to the grave


Show people you have signed Jamie's petition by including the Food Revolution Petition badge on your web page, blog or Facebook page.

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