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Morning guys #RecipeOfTheDay is a lovely little british dish to celebrate St Georges Day! Gorgeous baby yorkshire puds with creamy smoked trout and horseradish pate! Recipe on the website for you all to enjoy. lots of love J x by Jamie
#recipeoftheday a beautifully indulgent three cheese risotto. Great combo of tangy and creamy cheese flavours!! Recipe on the website x by Jamie
Yes I Did "I cooked with pop and I liked it! " Poo is a proper authentic Thai cook, I discovered her book on Instagram & we've hooked up & done some great Thai cooking videos for FoodTube for the coming weeks . what a pleasure to meet her, she comes all the way from the biggest slum in Bangkok Thailand & her story is really very inspirational & through food she is helping bring hope & jobs & commerce to the slum!! :) so wonderful, this is one of the good things about social media as you can make friends & build relationships with like minded people in far away places & certainly on FoodTube we can react quickly & tell these story's to a bigger audience... By the way if your a bit behind & your wondering what is FoodTube?? this is my YouTube channel dedicated to finding new authentic cooking talent so come have a look and subscribe its free !! Big love happy Easter love #jamieoliver by Jamie
So I did dress up as the Easter bunny today for the Oliver Egg Hunt but all I managed to do was scare the life out of my two littlest kids !! :(:( why is it all rabbit costumes look evil ??? Anyway happy Easter Guys hope you all had a loverly day where ever you are in the world love #jamieoliver xxxx by Jamie
Loving our new little drinks/ digestive trolly that sweeps around my @jamiestrattoria in Richmond super sweet and people seem to love it !! Hope you guys are having a great weekend love #jamieoliver by Jamie
Happy Good Friday guys "Hot Cross Buns" big love #jamieoliver xxx by Jamie
TV executives are getting younger these days, I got fired twice and kicked off the set 4 times today. Food Revolution Day 2014 May 16 make sure you get involved were trying to get a million kids cooking on the same day !!! Big love #jamieoliver xxxxx by Jamie
The simple things by Jamie
check it out the new issue of @JamieMagazine is out today! its our bumper Italian special with loads of brilliant recipes perfect for this weekend! You can pick one up from the shops or download our ipad app! enjoy guys Love #JamieOliver by Jamie
#Recipeoftheday my new version of gammon and eggs with brilliantly easy roast potatoes! Recipe on the website xx by Jamie
Cooking Fegwada with my Brazilian brother Santos good times such a delicious dish with all the salsas and chillis and side greens and side dishes I always love spending time with Santos 18 years we have worked together !!! Joy and friendship ...... Big hallo to all the Brazilians on Instagram !!! If your reading this. What is your favourite Brazilian food I'm trying to learn more love #jamieoliver xxxxxxxxx by Jamie
Brilliant juicy steak guacamole wrap recipe for you all today! lovely for lunch dinner or a cheeky snack! enjoy guys. recipe on the website Love J xx #Recipeoftheday by Jamie
This my friends is the most wonderful and underrated salad leaf Out there ....it is the Centre "broad bean leaf " so so so good sweet tasty nice texture and really good with great extra virgin olive oil ,lemon and shaved pecorino.... Stir frys pastas rissoto folded through stews braised down or in minestrone yum !! you must try it guys if you grow broad beans get out there now and try it .... Also if you grow organically aka no chemicals and filthy shit on your food by removing the centre leaves it lowers the risk of black fly as this is where they like to hang out and party ....... Anyway fresh centre broad bean leafs are amazing hardly any chefs have them on there menu either so get in there love #jamieoliver xxxx by Jamie
A Beautiful blue bell wood very nice just sayin by Jamie
morning guys #recipeoftheday is a creamy seafood pasta dish with fresh herbs works a treat with tagliatelle pasta too. Enjoy everyone recipe on the website! X by Jamie
Gorgeous hearty veggie curry for your #meatfreemonday. the recipe goes well with any veg you fancy so drop in what you love! recipe on the website guys love Jamie xx by Jamie
I love this picture !!:) Cooking with the next generation, look at how proud they are this is My fantastic head chef @cheflorenzo1 at Jamie's Italian Perth passing on the love of food and in proud to say all my head chefs are encouraged to do the same and they love it !!! Happy weekend guys big love @jamieoliver xxxx by Jamie
Happy birthday to my sweet not so little Daisy 11 years old !! where does time go !! she loved every second of the day she was so excited. Have a good day guys love jamie oxx by Jamie
It's finally Friday so the #recipeoftheday is a kid friendly recipe that you can get your kids involved with. Food Revolution day is all about getting the young ones excited about food and this recipe is perfect way to get them in to the kitchen. Super simple and fresh crunchy carrot pitta!!! recipe on the website love #jamieoliver x by Jamie
The very first Asparagus Tip bursts through I'm so excited to cook with them I'm gonna leave it till tomorrow but until then what is your favourite way to enjoy asparagus and yes I know just with butter is great but what else ??? by Jamie
#Recipeoftheday is a good old comfort dish – classic lasagne! recipe on the website. Love Jamie xx by Jamie
U Gotta love your Pickles man gotta love your Pickles crunchy bundles of joy Great cook up today #jamieoliver by Jamie
Hi guys #recipeoftheday is my kinda spanish omelette and Italian frittata mashup! definitely one to have a go at! recipe is on my website JamieOliver.com enjoy guys xx by Jamie
#Recipeoftheday How good does this look guys?! garlicky pasta sausage fusilli with blitzed fresh spinach, fennel and chilli gorgeous recipe on the website love by Jamie
Save the date everyone! Friday 16 May is Food Revolution Day!!! Its all about getting every kid food smart and excited about food. Im calling all kids parents and schools to get involved and help us get over 1 million kids cooking from scratch around the world! There are loads of recipes and resources over on our brilliant new site have a look and get involved www.foodrevolutionday.com and get sharing #FRD2014 by Jamie