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Working with our partner, Young's

Jamie and his team are really proud to be working with Young's not only because they've been making seafood products in the UK for more than 200 years, but, more importantly, because they share their commitment to sustainable fishing. Jamie and his team want to encourage people to try different types of fish and, together, they've sourced some tasty varieties without damaging the environment or fish stocks for the future.

Jamie recognised that Young's were an industry leader in the responsible sourcing of fish and their Fish for Life programme highlights everything Jamie holds important in responsible fish procurement. For more details on Young's and their Fish for Life principles, please visit their website.

What species we use

Wild MSC Alaska pollock
This is a delicious fish, full of flavour with a robustness that works really well in our range of products. Alaska pollock is a member of the cod family. It has only recently started to gain popularity as an alternative species to cod or haddock.

Wild MSC Alaska salmon
This is a beautiful pink salmon that has the perfect texture and flavour for our range of products.The salmon is full of vitamins and minerals, thanks to its diet and environment. All these health benefits are retained when the fish is frozen.

Our pollock and salmon are all MSC-certified, which means the fisheries where they came from use sustainable fishing methods, while minimising their impact on the environment. The wild salmon comes from the only fishery in the world to carry the MSC's environmental logo. For more information on MSC, please visit their website.

Scottish-landed North Sea whiting
Our smoked whiting is caught off the Scottish coast. The fish is smoked in Grimsby in natural undyed beech woodchip, which gives it its beautifully delicate smoky flavour. Whiting, considered an under-utilised species, is a soft delicate white fish with a flaky texture that works beautifully in our fishcakes. While this fish isn't MSC-approved, the fishery adheres to the Fish For Life standards imposed by Young's.

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