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Jamie's cooked ham products are made using outdoor-bred British pork, in line with RSPCA Freedom Food welfare standards, and the beef products are made using British beef. Jamie's cooked hams are flavoured with unique blends of herbs and spices before being dry-cured, matured for a minimum of seven days and then slow-cooked for great taste and a fabulous meaty texture. His salt beef is cooked until perfectly pink, ensuring a delicious, tender bite.
  • Essex-cured ham – this ham has been deeply scored, dry-cured, sugar-coated and oven-roasted for a golden colour and a brilliant crumbly texture – just how ham should be.
  • Spiced jerk ham – this flavourful ham has been deeply scored and rubbed with a wicked combination of spices – chilli, garlic, nutmeg, clove and thyme – before being dry-cured and oven-roasted.
  • Cured pink salt beef – British silverside beef that has been deeply scored, dry-cured, cooked and then roasted with delicious English mustard until perfectly pink.
hints and tips:
Essex-cured ham: This ham is perfect for simple and delicious sandwiches. For a bit of a brunch treat, I have it with bubble and squeak and a poached egg.
Spiced jerk ham: At home, I serve this ham with a baked potato, some crunchy coleslaw, mixed salad leaves and a big dollop of mango chutney. Delicious!
Cured pink salt beef: I love to layer slices of this in rye bread with crunchy lettuce, sliced gherkins and a good scraping of my favourite mustard. Beautiful.

Available in Tesco.