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Jamie believes good honest ingredients are key to fabulous food so he has created a new range of great tasting fresh pork, bacon and sausages. The range showcases the best cuts of British pork and has been developed to inspire people to cook simple, delicious food without compromising on quality.

Where our pigs come from
Animal welfare is so important; therefore all our pork is made in the UK from pigs which are outdoor bred on farms in the UK that are approved by Freedom Foods to strict RSPCA welfare standards. The breed of our pigs is Duroc – they have been chosen because they give great flavour and are hardy pigs – ideal for being outside! The pigs are born outdoors and are kept outside for half their lives. At 12 weeks old, the pigs are moved into large deep straw bedded barns, where they are kept in social groups until fully grown. They still get loads of exercise playing in the hay and exhibit totally natural pig behaviour.

All our farms have been inspected and approved by Freedom Foods – the only association accredited by the RSPCA and comply with their strict welfare standards. Freedom Foods is the only farm assurances and food labelling scheme dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals. The RSPCA standards cover all aspects of the pig’s life including living conditions, diet, handling, transport and slaughter.

Our sausages are made using RSPCA Freedom Foods accredited pork. We do not add any offal, skin or additional fat to any of our sausage products.

Our bacon is cured for 5 days and is then air-dried for a minimum of 16 days, before having a total maturation of 21 days. We don’t add any water to any of our bacon products. This means you get a great mild cured traditional bacon taste with no nasty white bits and shrinkage.

For Jamie’s pork range, we try to use the lesser known cuts as well as some more traditional ones. This ensures we use as much of the pig as we can, as well as introducing you to some delicious tasting pieces!

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