Small plates

Freshly baked bread £3.50V

reshly baked artisan bread from the Flour Station with butter or oil.

Giant green olives £3.50V

Delicious olives from Puglia.

Smashed guacamole £5.95V

Spicy avocado dip with flour tortilla chips.

Mug of soup & artisan bread £5.95

Today’s soup, served in a mug with fresh artisan bread.

Smoked salmon with potato and radish salad and horseradish creme fraiche £5.95

Loch Fyne smoked slmon witha  lightly dressed new potato and radish salad and dollops of our homemade horseradish creme fraiche and fresh dill.

Beastly buffalo mozzarella salad £6.25

Creamy and delicious buffalo mozzarella ripped up and served with heirloom tomoatoes, cherry tomatoes and ripped-up basil leaves, drizzled with a fresh basil pesto dressing and a little exttra virgin olive oil.


Bigger plates

Oven-roasted lamb wrap £8.95

A soft tortilla wrap stuffed with shredded slow-cooked lamb, homemade houmous, chilli, garlic mushrooms, toasted pine nuts, pomegranate seeds & fresh mint, all in a creamy mint & yoghurt dressing.

Ultimate burger with pickles £7.95

Best British beef burger flavoured with English mustard, with free-range egg mayonnaise & caramelised onions in a seeded bun.
With mature Cardinal cheddar cheese £8.95
With mature Cardinal cheddar cheese & outdoor-reared streaky bacon £9.95

Fragrant Thai green chicken curry £7.95

Free-range chicken in our fragrant homemade green curry sauce, served with rice, cherry tomatoes, fresh coriander, crushed poppadoms and pistachio nuts.

Ploughmans £7.95

A traditional board of Red Hill Farm’s handmade pork pie, award-winning Westcombe Cheddar, celeriac & pear
remoulade, our delicious radish, coriander & gherkin pickle, crunchy lettuce with a green goddess dressing, crisps & Orkney crackers.

Smashed spicy avocado £6.95V

Avocado, Worcestershire sauce, toasted London bloomer bread & cherry tomatoes.
Add outdoor-reared streaky bacon £7.95

Seabass with tomatoes and peppers £12.95 

Pan-frieds seabass with crispy fried baby potatoes & spinach, topped with an heirloom tomato, red pepper & olive sauce.

Panzella salad £8.95

Heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, buffalo mozzarella, capers & toasted sourdough, tossed with fresh rocket and basil.

Spicy carrot pancake £7.95

Wth Recipease hummus, feta, roast spicy nuts & dressed green salad with beets, mint & coriander

Three-hour roast pork belly sandwich £7.95

Succulent pork belly, crunchy crackling, apple sauce & baby gem lettuce in ciabatta.

Wood fired pizzaV

Traditional thin-base pizza from our wood fired oven. Choose from:
- Tomato & basil sauce, Italian buffalo mozzarella & fresh basil £7.95
- Tomato & basil sauce, Levoni Parma ham, Italian buffalo mozzarella & fresh rocket £8.95
- Wood roasted pork belly, caramelised onions, buffalo mozzarella & chilli oil £8.95
- Recipease marmalade roast ham, buffalo mozzarella, fried egg, fresh flat leaf parsley & Reggianio
  cheese £8.95.