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Here we have a quick chat to Edouard Morhange who is overseeing the Paris Food Revolution Day. What events are you planning for FRD? We have many projects going on the day. We have markets with producers coming to explain

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Quiz time – think of a country where there is little problem with obesity, bursting with incredible produce, with flavours that pack an almighty wallop and is a favourite for backpackers – any takers? Well, okay there are a few,

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Representatives from Jamie's Ministry of Food visited Horton Grange Primary School to show parents how to prepare healthy meals for their children. The workshop, which included omelette-making, was held as part of a week of events at the school, focusing

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Story by Ed Smith (aka Rocket and Squash) Last week was half term. It felt a bit strange having the week off – partly because we've only been going for 5 weeks, but mostly because I haven't had a half

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Story by Alicia Peardon Queenslanders are set to be become better equipped to prepare healthy meals at home as Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen will travel throughout Queensland teaching basic cooking classes. The Good Foundation today announced that

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