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Every year we recruit 18 unemployed young people, aged 18 to 24, to join Fifteen’s Chef Apprentice Programme and train them to become professional chefs.  As part of the year-long course, the apprentices not only get hands-on training in the Fifteen kitchen, but they will spend one day a week at college (gaining their NVQ Level 2 in cooking) and go on trips to learn about food provenance.

We are NOW recruiting our Class of 2014, and if you are keen to be one of the 18 apprentices on the programme you will be able to apply here. 


However, you do have to meet the following criteria:
•    Living in Greater London with a guaranteed place to stay throughout the course (we are unable to accept international applicants)
•    Aged between 18 and 24 at the start of the programme in September 2013
•    Not in education, employment or training
•    Have a qualification no higher than an NVQ Level 2 (no higher than GCSE level and not an NVQ in Catering or Professional Cookery)
•    Able to work in the UK for the duration of the programme
•    Must have a good command of the English language

The course is hard work, but worth it. Here’s what one of the current group says:

It is a lot of hard work and there are long hours in the kitchen.  You will need to be prepared to wake up early and not have much of a social life during the year.  We go to college once a week and there are activities where we learn how to work as a team and sourcing trips where we learn lots about different types of food – we will be going to Italy soon!   We also work in the Fifteen kitchen which is amazing and there are a good team of chefs who we learn a lot from, such as butchery and fishmongery.  I love my job right now.   

On completion of the programme, the opportunities for your future career are endless.  Our graduates work in gastropubs, fine dining restaurants, hotels and catering companies

We keep in touch with all our graduates and hold a graduate reunion once a month.  Here is what some of our graduates have said about the course and the benefits it has had on their lives…

Before the course I had been in prison…my mum is a great cook and my dad was a chef before he died so it’s in my blood.  I learnt loads and improved my skills.  I discovered new things about myself: that I can deal with pressure, with new situations and that I can work with all different kinds of people as part of a team.  I have made new friendships that I will never lose.

Going to Fifteen was the best thing I’ve ever done.  I realised how good I am at cooking.  I’ve got so much love and time for the people I met at Fifteen.

So, if you have read this article and think “yes the Fifteen Apprentice Programme is definitely something I want to be involved in and do” then please make sure that you apply for the programme here. 

If you do have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact our Fifteen team by e-mailing them at: