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After a long and challenging year, 12 apprentices from our Class of 2012 completed the course and became the latest additions to our ever-growing Fifteen family.  To mark the occasion, an elegant graduation ceremony was held in their honour on the 1st October at the very beautiful One Mayfair.  With it being our 10 year anniversary, this year's celebration was a particularly grand affair with over 500 guests, supporters, friends, family and staff present on the night.  As always, Jamie Oliver was there to present the graduating apprentices with their certificates and dog tags on stage, as well as to offer them words of encouragement and advice for the future before the ceremony.


Dressed up to the nines, the new graduates look a world away from the sweaty kitchens they are used to being in!  To them, the night marked the culmination of a year of hard work getting to grips with life as a chef and working towards their Level 2 qualification at college.  It was a chance for them to reflect on their achievements and thank those who had helped them along the way.


Also at the ceremony were the new group of apprentices who were less than a month into the course.  Unlike the graduates, they were hard at work catering and serving delicious food to the guests.  After the ceremony, many commented on how the evening had spurred them on to get the most out of the course as it had given them a glimpse of where they could be in a year's time.


Fifteen's Apprentice Programme has now seen 121 young people successfully graduate from the London restaurant.  As Jamie said: "Back in year one at Fifteen, when I was standing on a chair in the restaurant handing out certificates to our first crew of graduates, it was a distant dream to think that we would make it this far.  To have inspired so many fantastic young people over the last decade, and see so many of them still working in the industry, is absolutely incredible."


Congratulations to Fionn Bibby, Jasmin Bushell, Michael Davies, Kelsey Fenner, Charley Hilton-Grant, Ebou Jobe, Tyrone King, Kevin McBarron, Abbie McCamlie, Libby Ogunniyi, Tony Phillips and Jerome Shakespeare.