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Friday 17 May was a particularly important date in the company calendar as it marked the second global Food Revolution Day. This annual event aims to promote food education around the world by encouraging communities, workplaces, families and friends to get cooking from scratch.

In addition to all the activities happening globally, Westland Place saw over 5,000 people turn up to enjoy some Food Revolution Day fun. The street outside Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant was packed full of food stalls selling a wide range of treats from tasty lamb wraps (make by our very own apprentices to indulgent meringues from the Meringue Girls.

There were also tables, where adults and children could learn how to make the perfect pizza or whip up a fresh guacamole as well as live demonstrations from Jamie Oliver, Jun Tanaka, Gennaro Contaldo, Fifteen graduates Kerryann Dunlop and Joe Gray, to name a few.

In Jamie's words: "One of the most amazing things was watching all the news and pictures from all the many global events flooding in. This year, I truly believe that Food Revolution Day came of age and put us in a great position to really make a huge impact next year so thank you to everyone who organised an event whether it was big or small, and also to everyone who attended an event." Here's to Food Revolution Day 2014!