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After five years working for the Fifteen Apprentice Team, Assistant Programme Manager Nikki Giles has bid us farewell to move onto a new job at The Prince's Trust.

Throughout her time at Fifteen, Nikki has been an incredible support to each group of apprentices.  She's worked tirelessly to make sure that they all got the most out of the course, assisting them with their welfare needs and ensuring that they had an action-packed calendar of events.

Her hard-working yet easy-going nature made her popular with staff, apprentices and graduates. In the words of 2011 graduate Taembo:

"Nikki is a legend. She's considerate, trustworthy and thoughtful and really cared about us. Her priority was to keep us focused and make sure that we passed the course. Whenever I was beginning to struggle she would whip me back into shape. To be honest, I think she was often under-appreciated - I don't think apprentices realised how much she did for them until they graduated. She was there for us and will really be missed."

Although we're sad to see her go, we wish her all the best in her new job.