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The apprentices donned their wellies and headed into the Aldershot woods to mushroom forage with the one and only Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo.  Challenged with finding delicious mushrooms to go in their risotto lunch, the group soon realised that the task was harder than they'd first anticipated as it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to be able to pick out the best ones.  Thankfully Gennaro was on hand to distinguish between the good, the bad and the poisonous.  Once their baskets had been filled to the brim, everyone worked together over a camp stove to produce lunch.  The warm and tasty food was very welcome after hours of hard work in the cold.  Apprentice Amanda agrees: "I had a great time but was grateful for my wolly hat!  There were mushrooms I'd never seen before.  I actually picked a poisonous one but luckily Gennaro spotted it - if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't still be here!  I was please we found a lot of porcinis for our risotto as they had a really good flavour."