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The aim of Fifteen's Outreach Programme is to ignite a passion for food and cooking, as well as signpost young people to opportunities within the restaurant industry, including our Apprentice Programme.  This is achieved through inspirational talks, workshops, short courses and work experience days in the Fifteen kitchen.

In an average year, hundreds of people will have participated in one of Fifteen's tailored activities. Priority is given to vulnerable young people aged between 14-25, organisations that work with these young people and individuals of all ages from the local community.  Some affiliates include Futureversity, the Spitalfields Crypt Trust, Who Cares Trust, and the Care Leavers Foundation to name a few.

Erica Watts, Employment and Training Manager at Affinity Sutton said: The Bitesize of Fifteen short course provided a fantastic and unique opportunity for our young people to access the restaurant industry. They got the chance to develop new and exciting skills in the kitchen, gain qualifications and put their new talents to practice in a professional environment. It is a great partnership which has provided our young people with a real springboard to get back into work."

Brent Clark, Spitalfield's Crypt Trust: "The trainees returned absolutely buzzing from their day at Fifteen. One of them is now speaking about doing some proper chef training. These Outreach days are not just a jolly for us. They really do help us to meet our aims of raising our trainees' expectations, hopes and self-esteem"

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