Campsite rules


  • There will be no vehicle movements on the campsite over the weekend.
  • We cannot save spaces for people-pitches will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  • Please be considerate when pitching your tent. There are no specific pitch sizes but if you arrange your tents in such a way to take up more than a reasonable amount of space for your group you will be asked to re pitch or take some of your tents down.
  • Generators are not permitted
  • The organisers reserve’s the right of admission.
  • Anti social behavior will not be tolerated and you will be ejected without refund.
  • No admission without a valid ticket
  • Guests may be searched on entry to the event. If you are in possession of illegal substances you may be arrested.
  • No sound systems will be permitted on site
  • No pet animals are allowed on the festival site other than assistance dogs such as guide or assistant dogs.
  • In the event of needing assistance, medical care or otherwise, please contact any steward or member of campsite staff who can radio for assistance.
  • Campers will be issued with special wristbands, please ensure your party wear them at all times.
  • Strictly no fire/Chinese lanterns on site.
  • Strictly no fireworks on site.
  • Please ensure your party know the location of all the facilities, including first aid and how to gain help in the event of an emergency
  • Please remain vigilant to fire safety in order to help keep yourselves and other festival go-ers safe.

Cooking, Food and Alcohol

  • Open fires and BBQs are not permitted
  • Campers wishing to bring stoves should bring only purpose built gas stoves with small gas bottles (2.2kg), no spare bottles to be brought. These stoves can only be used for cooking in a designated area of the campsite, and should not be used inside individual tents. No other LPG should be on site.
  • If you are camping you are allowed to bring in your own alcohol (for consumption in the camping fields) but only up to a reasonable amount per person (eg 1 case of beer/lager/cider or up to 1 litre of (decanted) spirits). You will be asked to leave excess quantities outside the event. You will not be allowed to bring in glass bottles of any kind.
  • Alcohol cannot be brought into the main arenas from the campsites. There are fully licensed bars available for you.
  • You will not be allowed to bring in glass bottles or any kind. Broken glass is dangerous for children and for animals who will be using the fields after the event. Leave all glass in the car, decant it into plastic bottles or bin it. There are no exceptions.
  • We have a no naked flame policy at the festival and in the campsite. There will be designated areas in the campsite where you’ll be able to go to use small stoves to cook food.
  • No water source should be deemed drinking water unless specifically labelled as such.
  • Only alcohol for personal consumption should be brought on site.

Campervans and Caravans

  • Cars and campervans will be parked in designated car parks and cannot be parked alongside tents.
  • Sleeping in cars overnight is not permitted.
  • It is strongly recommend not to bring any larger winnebago or RV style vehicles and cannot guarantee these vehicles access to the campsite.
  • For those with caravans and trailer tents, please note that towing vehicles must be removed from the campsite field and parked in the public car park.
  • The allocated pitches are 8m x 6m.
  • Please be aware that no hook ups are available for water or electricity within the campsite.
  • Estate cars, vans and any other vehicles not designed with in-built sleeping facilities will not be allowed access to the campsite.
  • A reasonable average sized vehicle will be permitted on site. Permission to accommodate your vehicle is entirely at the event organisers discretion.
  • Owners of Campervans should bring sufficient gas bottles in the fitted cylinders on the vehicle only. No spare bottles should be brought on site.