Terms & Conditions

1.    By purchasing a festival Ticket (or attending using any other valid Ticket) you agree to all the festival’s Terms and Conditions set out below.

2.    Proof of age may be required for all ticket types. Please ensure that you have ID with you in case you are asked. Failure to provide such ID may result in you being asked to leave the festival. If you look under 21 you may asked for proof of age when you buy alcohol. We operate the ‘Challenge 21’ policy.

3.    By purchasing a “Child” (age 0-12) or “Teen” (age 13-17) Ticket you are confirming that you are either the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian of the teen or child for whom you are purchasing. Each adult attending can accompany up to a maximum of 2 Child or Teen Ticket holders.

4.    Child and Teen Ticket holders can only enter the festival with the person who purchased their ticket i.e. their parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian. Any Child or Teen Ticket holders attempting to enter the festival without this person will be denied entry to the festival. For safety reasons, any persons attempting to enter the festival with a Child or Teen Ticket holder that they are not the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian for will be denied entry.

5.    Teen Ticket holders must camp in the same location as their families.

6.    Teen Ticket holders must be accompanied by their parent/guardian at all times after 10pm.

7.    Child Ticket holders are not allowed in the arena or campsites unaccompanied at any time.

8.    Re-entry to the festival is not permitted, with the sole exception of parents/guardians accompanying children under the age of 16. After spending the day with the family at the festival you can drop the kids home with the babysitter and come back to enjoy the evening. Single use re-entry passes will only be issued on site to parents/guardians who are in possession of a Child Ticket and this pass allows for re-entry to the festival with or without your child. The reason for this exception is because the festival is a family-friendly event and we want to be flexible to the needs of parents/guardians. Adults not accompanying children to the festival will not be allowed re-entry.

9.    If you are camping you are allowed to bring in your own alcohol (for consumption in the camping fields) but only up to a reasonable amount per person (1 case of beer/lager/cider and up to 1 litre of (decanted) spirits). You will be asked to leave excess quantities outside the festival. You will not be allowed to bring in glass bottles or any kind.  Only alcohol for personal consumption should be brought on site

10.    Alcohol cannot be brought into the main arenas from the campsites. There are fully licensed bars available for you in the main arenas.

11.    You will not be allowed to bring in glass bottles or any kind. Please leave all glass in the car, decant it into plastic bottles or bin it. There are no exceptions.

12.    No pet animals are allowed on the festival site other than assistance dogs such as guide dogs.

13.    The organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to any ticket holder and may on occasion conduct security searches to ensure the safety of visitors. The organiser shall be entitled to remove anyone from the venue who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or who in the reasonable opinion of the organiser is conducting themselves in a manner inappropriate to their continued attendance.  There shall be no admittance without a valid ticket.  There will be no entry will be allowed after 10pm each night until the following day.

14.    Tickets shall not be resold, exchanged, or transferred. To do so or to alter or deface any ticket will render it void.

15.    It is the ticket holder’s responsibility to check his or her tickets, as mistakes cannot always be rectified, and the organisers shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen tickets.

16.    Tickets shall not be used as prizes in competitions without the prior written consent of the organisers.

17.    All sound and moving or still picture rights including, without limitation, on the internet, vest exclusively with the organisers and any material filmed or recorded at the event may only be used for the personal, non-profit making enjoyment of amateurs. By entering the venue, ticket holders consent to being photographed, filmed or recorded as visitors attending the event, and consent to the image or recording of them being used in future marketing material for the event.

18.    Tickets are sold subject to the organiser’s right to alter or vary the programme due to events or circumstances beyond their control without being obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to ascertain the date, time and venue of any rearranged staging of the event.

19.    Should the event be postponed no refund of the ticket price or any additional expenditure shall be made to the ticket holder.

20.    Should the event be cancelled the ticket holder shall be entitled to a full refund of the ticket price but no refund will be given in respect to any other expenditure whatsoever. Ticket refunds shall be valid for up to one month after the cancelled event.

21.    The organiser, its servants or agents will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused to the bearer of this ticket save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the organiser, its servants or agents or any other liabilities that cannot be excluded by law.

Campsite Rules

1.    Cars and campervans cannot be parked alongside tents and must be parked in the designated car parks or campervan field.

2.    Sleeping in cars (or any vehicle not designed for overnight sleeping) is not permitted.

3.    Generators are not permitted.

4.    No sound systems will be permitted on site.

5.    We cannot save spaces for people. Pitches will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

6.    We do not recommend the use of any large winnebago or RV style vehicles and cannot guarantee these vehicles access to the campsite. For those with caravans and trailer tents, please note that towing vehicles must be removed from the campsite field and parked in the public car park. Caravan awnings are allowed as are small satellite tents for children, providing in both cases that an excessive amount of space is not taken up (the allocated pitches are 8m x 6m). If large tents are erected for adult groups, the organiser reserves the right to ask for them to be taken down. Please be aware that hook ups are not available for water or electricity within the campsite. Those wishing to bring their own campervan must purchase a campervan ticket as well as a full weekend camping per person.

7.    Please be considerate when pitching your tent. There are no specific pitch sizes but if you arrange your tents in such a way to take up more than a reasonable amount of space for your group you will be asked to re pitch or take some of your tents down.

8.    No water source should be deemed drinking water unless specifically labelled as such.

9.    Please ensure your party knows the location of all the facilities, including first aid and how to gain help in the event of an emergency.

10.    We have a no naked flame policy at the festival and in the campsite. Fires, flares, fireworks, Chinese lanterns, BBQs are not permitted and will extinguished by the fire service.  Please remain vigilant to fire safety in order to help keep yourselves and other festival visitors safe.

11.    Campers wishing to bring stoves should bring only purpose built gas stoves with small gas bottles (2.2kg), no spare bottles to be brought. No other LPG should be on site. There will be designated areas in the campsite where you’ll be able to go to use small stoves to cook food.

12.    Owners of campervans should bring sufficient gas bottles in the fitted cylinders on the vehicle only. No spare bottles should be brought on site.

General Information

1.    Warning: exposure to loud and excessive music may be damaging to your hearing.

2.    Parents are reminded that there are areas of the festival site, especially immediately in front of the stages, that are inappropriate for some people, including young children.

3.    Strobe lighting may be used at the festival.

4.    The farm is a beautiful site and we want to keep it that way so please help us by keeping it clean and recycling what you can.

Drugs Policy

The festival operates a zero tolerance policy towards the use or possession of illegal substances. If you are seen with or dealing in drugs, security will be called and it is likely that the police will be involved you will be arrested. Anti-social and/or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated and participants will be eviction from the site.