Martin Morales

Martin MoralesMartin was born in Peru and has been cooking since the age of 11. This passion remained with him throughout his life and in 2010 he dropped everything to dedicate his life to Peruvian food. Ceviche was thus born a couple of years later. Ceviche is now a successful restaurant and book, and Martin has recently launched Andina, a restaurant dedicated to the healthy cuisine of the Peruvian Andes. As well as cooking he also produces music and is a Trustee for, an innovative British charity helping poor children in Peru and focusing their efforts through culinary programmes. Previously he worked with Steve Jobs at Apple, with Chef Ferran Adria and with music artist Miley Cyrus.

Martin leads the menu development at his restaurants and last year created Britain’s first ever pop-up restaurant tour travelling for 10 days to 10 restaurants in 10 towns across Britain and setting up a sold out restaurant in each place for 1 night. Born in the capital of Peru to an Andean mother, he brings influences of all aspects of Peruvian food; from coastal ceviches, to dishes made with Andean superfoods as well as new creations inspired by Peruvian Amazonian ingredients and authentic recipes. His dish Don Ceviche has been heralded by both Time Out and The Sunday Times as one of the top new dishes in Britain. In his spare time, as well as being a daddy and a hubby, he is also a music producer and co-runs Tiger’s Milk Records, which last year released PERU MARAVILLOSO: vintage Peruvian latin, tropical and cumbia.