The Charity

The Big Feastival is proud to be raising funds for The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

Jamie Oliver Food Foundation

Shaping the future through food education.

Food education is at the heart of everything we do. We work in three main areas: in schools, where our primary and secondary school resources are used to educate children about the joys of growing and cooking from scratch; in communities, where our Ministry of Food cooking centres inspire individuals to feed themselves and their families better, helping to educate against the increasing dependence on convenience food; and with disengaged young people, where our Fifteen Apprentice Programme provides routes to sustainable employment within the food industry.

We aim to educate people about food, inspire them to want a happier, healthier life, and empower them by arming them with essential skills that will last a lifetime.

Jamie Oliver Food Foundation has three flagship programmes:

Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project

Grow it. Cook it. Love it.

One in three children in the UK is overweight or obese by the time they leave primary school at age 11. Kids who learn to cook are more willing to try new foods, have better diets, and are more aware of the importance of making healthier choices.

At the heart of Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project is a brilliant set of resources that empower primary school teachers to integrate cooking and growing food into the school day. By teaching children about food, where it comes from, how to cook it and how it affects their bodies, the project equips children with the knowledge and confidence to form positive eating habits that will last a lifetime.

“If we can get gardens, school food and the curriculum working together, we’ve got a really potent catalyst for change.”Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Apprentice Programme

Using the magic of food to transform lives

Unemployment amongst 18-24 year olds has hit a 17 year high, with more young people out of a job than at any time since records began. 

We use the magic of food to give disengaged young people a chance for a better future. The Fifteen Apprentice Programme prepares 18-24 year olds for a long-term career in the food industry, through on-the-job learning, college-based education and personal development. The 51 week programme gives these young people the wraparound support and training needed to help them unlock their potential not only to transform their own lives, but also those of their families and the wider community.

“I set up Fifteen because I believe young people have untapped talents that are often hidden by problems in their home lives. These talents can be freed by a passion for good food and meaningful hard work.” Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Keeping cooking skills alive

Diet-related health is responsible for around 1 in 10 of all deaths in the UK. We’re on a path towards a diet-related health catastrophe, and a lack of food knowledge and cooking know-how is largely to blame.

Our Ministry of Food centres aim to address this problem at a grassroots level, by providing a place where individuals and groups can access fun, hands-on cooking classes and essential information. Our goal is to give people the confidence to cook good, affordable, nutritious meals from scratch for themselves and their families, providing them with the skills to live healthier lives.

“Whether someone is a complete beginner or a good cook who likes simplicity, Ministry of Food is about inspiring people to get in the kitchen and cook from scratch. With some basic skills and a handful of recipes, tasty, nutritious meals can be prepared on any budget.” Jamie Oliver