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Pancakes for supper on Shrove Tuesday

FEB 12 @ 21:24

by mummza

Savoury pancake filled with Stilton cheese , mushroom , onion a little and a touch of chilli .
This was served with a dressed salad that contained grated and chopped fresh vegetables , dried cranberries and cashew nuts .
A really tasty supper on Shrove Tuesday .

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FEB 18 @ 23:07

by @nGoose1

Yey, Pancake Day! Looks awesome. We had caramelised banana and clotted cream with ours.
Did you give anything up for lent? I gave up pancakes, I do it every year.

FEB 20 @ 10:45

by mummza

No I don't try to give anything up for lent I try to do a good deed everyday instead

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