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MAR 13 @ 19:42

by Lottascarpediem

Spring has definitely come to Banyoles, Catalonia!

The fields have already got a very light green color. After the rain we had last week, the water is flowing in all the creeks. Birds are singing intensely and you can smell the soil since the sun is warming it up. We’ve had 20ºC during the last couple of days. You can tell that people have been waiting for nice weather: everybody is out walking, doing gardening, sitting at a café etc. I love spring, it’s my favorite season. It inspires so much vitality!
When I went for a walk the other day I found out that there are 4  man made stork nests here in Banyoles. I’t fascinating to be able to see this big birds so close. The nests are right by the lake.

Where ever you are, I hope spring will come to you soon!

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MAR 13 @ 21:50

by Grandmadamada


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